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Working Remotely – Weighing the Benefits

The complexities of the pandemic continue to drive change, requiring employers to accommodate innovative approaches and ushering in a new way of doing business. Many of the modifications have shown us there are benefits to working remotely, but do the positives outweigh the negatives? Going forward, law firms and in-house departments are investigating whether the tradeoffs are worthwhile.

As discovered by many, there are advantages to working from home. The adoption of widespread technology has laid the foundation to implement much needed technological upgrades. Numerous attorneys say they have a better work-life balance, with more productive output, and increased time for personal responsibilities. However, the remote model is not a fit for all – businesses and individuals alike. The cost of providing proper long-term remote workstations can be high, and unless individuals have a dedicated workspace, with complete privacy, many are easily distracted and/or have too many competing demands on the home front.

Other concerns with working virtually are its effects on such things as associate training and the ability to develop business. Whether via internal referrals or marketing outside of the firm, both are largely dependent on relationship building, which is significantly impacted without in-person interactions. In addition, the long-term effects on company and firm culture would be substantial, negatively affecting overall retention and loyalty.

Coronavirus pushed the world to adapt to remote platforms – it is likely they are here to stay, but to what extent will depend upon the circumstances and needs of each company or firm and the individuals within them.

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