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Business is Still Good

The legal field is competitive, so whether developing business or retaining existing clients, being intentional is critical in refining your professional path and/or expanding your clientele. Here are some targeted approaches for maintenance and growth.

Formulate a Business Plan: Creating a business plan can be a great first step in getting organized – it can assist you in determining how to invest your time, provide clarity regarding marketing efforts, and help with assessing and prioritizing your contacts. Focus on time management, marketing, and networking to establish a strong foundation for growth.

Build & Secure Strategic Alliances: Seek out and engage in social and networking events that align with your professional goals. Establishing meaningful relationships through these means can increase the likelihood of generating valuable referrals and keep you connected to those with shared interests. In-person opportunities give you a chance to shake hands and deepen existing relationships.

Optimize Current Contacts: Tailor your communication strategy to frequently engage those who are most likely to refer business and/or require your services in the future. For example, personalized, meaningful actions, such as recognizing a special occasion in your client’s life builds a human connection that can further solidify the relationship.   

Expand Networking Efforts: Diversify your engagement across platforms and industries, offering value first, fostering authentic connections through active participation and follow-through, and leveraging both traditional and digital means to build trust and cultivate a

wide-reaching, referral-generating professional network.

Assert Your Expertise: Position yourself as an authority in your field by participating in industry events and making insightful contributions by engaging in online forums or social media platforms, attracting new clients, and reminding current ones of your relevance and value in your field.

Optimize Your Digital Footprint: Maintain up-to-date and compelling online profiles on platforms like LinkedIn and your firm website to present a professional and accessible image.

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