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Firm/Company Services

HGB Professional Recruiting Solutions offers first-class service. We are genuinely motivated to understand the culture of your firm/company and the needs of your business. We do not follow one methodology or offer one solution; we see each relationship as unique and seek to understand and serve your individual needs. Gaining your trust and developing long-term, quality partnerships is our greatest reward.

Personalized Service

Being a boutique agency allows HGB the contractual flexibility to meet each client’s individual needs and have a focused commitment to assisting your firm/company.


Providing talented attorneys, well-suited to your culture, positively impacts retention and is an invaluable investment in your firm/company’s future.


HGB values developing relationships in the legal community and is continually networking and expanding their reach with quality attorneys.

Candidate Insight

As trusted advisors, HGB gleans insight instrumental in determining if candidates are the right fit for your firm/company.


HGB is dedicated to building a relationship with your firm/company and through deepening that alliance, is able to partner with you, becoming your best advocate.


 HGB partners with you, acting as a resource, and managing the candidate process from beginning to end. 

TEL: 602.765.4376 

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