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Candidate Services

HGB Professional Recruiting Solutions offers something hard to find in today's recruiting arena – the genuine desire to understand your professional needs and goals. We believe candidates are the core of our business and respect time and confidentiality are of the utmost importance. HGB is equally dedicated to candidates and employers and understands this is critical to developing lasting relationships and making long-term placements. We want to be a valuable partner and resource throughout your legal career.


HGB has contracts with firms/companies that specifically address maintaining the confidentiality of any identifying candidate information, adding an additional layer of protection.


HGB advocates for you beginning to end, bringing your qualifications and personal story to the firm/company’s attention.

Greater Access

HGB has relationships and contacts with a vast network and will target specific firms/companies/opportunities that align with your goals. 

Trusted Advisor

HGB works closely with you throughout the process and provides valuable insight into the legal market, firms and companies.

Avoid Overexposure

Rather than your name circulating through the community as someone looking to make a move, working with HGB, your search is confidential and focused on the opportunities that most interest you.

No Charge

HGB’s services are free to candidates, and rather, are paid by the firm/company. 

TEL: 602.765.4376 

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