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Contemplating the Future - A Critical Thinking Exercise

Immersed in one of the most demanding professions, it is of no surprise attorneys become consumed by their work and can lose sight of what is happening around them. However, a busy work and home life can also breed complacency, and that can be dangerous in an evolving legal industry. How can you ensure your career stays on track?

Ask Yourself the Following Questions About Your Firm/Company…

  • Is there strong leadership that can make and carry out tough decisions?

  • Is there a solid financial foundation? If you are at a firm, are enough partners contributing to the bottom line and can their salaries be supported?

  • Is your company/firm staying ahead of the latest technological trends (such as communicating by text versus email)?

  • Is strong talent being retained and attracted? Not only at a senior level, but at a junior level, as well.

  • Is there a succession plan in place? Consider examining the partner to associate ratio at your firm and the general age of the partners.

  • Is the infrastructure in place to support growth? If at a firm, can you develop a viable practice on your firm’s platform and attract the clients you are seeking?

  • Is mentorship being provided? It is critical to empower others to succeed as a team.

  • Is the company/firm culture engendering passion and positivity?

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