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What Makes Attorneys Happy? (Part II)

As we previously shared, being legal replacement specialists, we are privy to very detailed feedback from attorneys, and while each individual's path is unique, we hear themes regarding what What Makes Attorneys Happy.  

Stability: The legal market is evolving and the stability of firms is an increasing concern among attorneys, regardless of the stage in their careers or their firms’ size.  One of the primary considerations in this regard is succession planning and ensuring all attorneys are given support to develop their practice and grow within their firm. 

Professional Development: Mentoring for new or more junior associates is not only imperative in producing confident, quality attorneys, but also results in greater loyalty and exceptional future partners.  

Sophistication of Work: The desire to be intellectually challenged is commonplace among lawyers, so firms providing their attorneys with more complex work and opportunities to work with higher-level clientele, often fair better with respect to retention. 

Flexibility: With an increasing number of professionals wanting to work remotely, there is a growing demand for flexibility in the workforce.  Whether due to difficult commutes or the ability to get more done off regular hours, attorneys greatly value this accommodation.

Compensation: Being paid fair market value plays a crucial role in attorney retention, but there are many factors to this beyond competitive salaries.  Thus, Part III of our series will be dedicated entirely to compensation and the role it plays in What Makes Attorneys Happy

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