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What Makes Attorneys Happy? (Part I)

As legal placement specialists, we are well-versed in the myriad reasons attorneys choose to seek new opportunities; likewise, we know why they stay. Below is Part I of a brief series on top reasons attorneys share they are fulfilled in their positions.

Culture: Firms that heed the various factors influencing their culture, such as their policies, overall personality and philosophy, are more likely to attract good talent and have better retention.

Career Advancement: A pivotal difference between working a job versus building a career stems from the ability to advance within a company and develop a practice.  When attorneys can visualize their career path, and know it is attainable, they are less likely to pursue other opportunities.

Equality: Firms that recognize the value of diversity and understand equal pay and opportunity are imperative to their long-term success often attract more attorneys and appeal to a broader client base.  

Leadership: Strong leadership is critical to a firm’s current and future success, but managing partners and department chairs often feel challenged by their operational duties.  Hence, firms that value and work closely with their legal administrators and others at the helm, are in a better position to provide effective leadership.    

Innovation and Technology: In an increasingly paperless world, the legal industry is one of the last professions to evolve, yet technology often saves time and money and is increasingly the expectation among the newer generation of attorneys.  As a result, firms that invest in better systems, computers and software enhance their overall appeal.

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