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The Power of LinkedIn

I speak to attorneys and others in the legal field, daily, and I am often surprised LinkedIn is so underused. There has definitely been a shift, however, and more and more people recognize its value – and they should. There are over 100 million LinkedIn users in the United States and over 500 million worldwide. This makes LinkedIn a leader in connecting business professionals. The question is, are you maximizing your LinkedIn experience? Below are some suggestions on how LinkedIn may be impactful.

  • Networking – While nothing can replace the power of an in-person meeting, LinkedIn is the best social media platform for business and is an excellent business development tool. It allows users to broaden their exposure and ‘connect’ with colleagues in their market or industry.

  • Finding Opportunities – Data shows 93% of hiring parties use LinkedIn as a go to place to find candidates. Whether you have applied for a position or are passively seeking a new opportunity, having a strong LinkedIn profile is beneficial. 

  • Connecting with Alumni – Alumni groups have existed much longer than the internet and have always been valuable, because there is instant comradery when networking with your school peers. LinkedIn provides an easy way to develop these relationships and stay in touch.

  • Meetings/Calls – Reviewing profiles prior to meetings provides insight into individuals’ career paths, backgrounds, interests, etc. Not only will this information better prepare you for your meetings, it may also act as an avenue to find common ground through shared interests.

  • Joining Groups – There is a group for almost everything on LinkedIn. Joining groups that interest you, allows you to search among their followers to broaden your network and will keep you informed via articles or blogs on their topics.

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