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The Associate Talent War and COVID-19

The pandemic, in 1918, brought on the Roaring Twenties and while the pandemic of 2020 continues, we can already see the myriad ways it is impacting our legal community.

Possibly, the greatest surprise is how busy the market is, overall. The amount of work being generated is substantial, and many attorneys say their clients are driving an urgent pace, requesting work be completed more expeditiously than in pre-Covid days.

Subsequently, there is an unprecedented demand for Associates, which is being experienced on a national scale. Locally, we have seen a significant rise in open, Associate positions, and we have received an unparalleled number of requests for Associates in different practice areas, including Trusts & Estates, Family, Commercial Litigation, Real Estate, Environmental, and more.

With this extraordinary change in the legal market, attracting talent and/or retaining Associate attorneys has become an even greater challenge and is leading many firms to respond with special bonuses and competitive salaries.

While this shift is resulting in mounting pressure for partners, it is safe to say, last year’s fears of a crashing economy have been alleviated, and subsequently, many practices are booming. Moreover, for competent Associates, it is a good time to be an attorney!

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