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I would to like begin a communication with something other than referencing the unprecedented and challenging times, but this is the reality and while in it together, each person, each family, and each business is being impacted differently. The industry we serve is unique, however, in that we are a close-knit community, and due to my position, I am fortunate to be speaking to many, at all different stages in their careers, and to those at the helm of firms and companies of myriad sizes and financial positions. With this knowledge, I hope to be an even greater resource, connecting attorneys and firms with opportunities where there is growth and greater stability.  On a macro level, there is still much optimism among our legal community’s leaders, with firms and companies positioned to grow and/or able to stay the course.   For those who know me well and the motivation behind everything HGB Professional Recruiting Solutions represents, you recognize we are endlessly dedicated to making a positive impact and will work with you, however possible, to be a silver lining in this very difficult time. I hope this finds you and yours well, and I am wishing you health, strength, and courage. Heidi Bayer  

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