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Information is Power

There has been significant lateral movement in the past few years and despite an economic recession this trend is expected to continue. However, the thought of making a move can be a daunting consideration and can act as a deterrent from exploring the possibilities. Before moving forward, attorneys often want as much information about an opportunity as possible to determine whether to proceed, but only so much can be gleaned without investing some time. Committing time is an understandable concern, but it is, unequivocally, the best avenue to gathering information, discerning the culture of an organization or firm, and if nothing else, deepening your network.

Specializing in the legal market is HGB Professional Recruiting Solutions’ business, and we are constantly gathering insight into changes in the Valley’s firms and legal departments, but ultimately, we are not the individuals making a move, so we will always encourage information gathering via conversations or in-person meetings. A purposeful and targeted initial call or coffee meeting can lead to learning how a company operates, incentivizes, and defines their culture. This process provides meaningful answers, which dictate next steps and whether to continue conversations. Of course, additional meetings provide the opportunity to delve deeper and when speaking to more than one organization and/or firm this is invaluable in determining your path forward.

In the end, seeking a new professional home is much like purchasing a new residence – when doing the latter, people typically research neighborhoods, schools, etc., but ultimately, they invest the time to walk through a home to determine if it is the best fit. Likewise, when considering a professional move, so much is intangible, so invest the time to gain important insights, upfront, so whatever you decide, you can move forward confidently.

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