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Hoteling...It's Not About Travel

While many would say the legal profession is driven by prestige and big salaries, over the past two years, lawyers have openly discussed trading in higher salaries in exchange for more flexibility and time with their families, fewer hours commuting, and a better corporate culture that honors these priorities. This means compensation or additional PTO just isn’t enough for those desiring a better quality of life. This has driven law firms, across the nation, to embrace hybrid work arrangements, including firms in Arizona.

Fewer people in offices results in unutilized spaces, which is costly, and leaders recognize the way we use the workplace is evolving. One evolution from traditional office spaces is hot desking, which is a unique system that allows you to share the same workspace with multiple people at different times. The goal is to create an ad hoc workstation for professionals without reserving spaces.

The next advancement is hoteling, which is much like hot desking, but instead of being on a first-come, first-served basis, it utilizes advanced booking features to eliminate the uncertainty of not finding a desk of your choice and it ensures access to reserve private spaces, such as a conference room.

Finally, in stark contrast to the sought-after corner office that once defined the pinnacle of ‘making it’ as an attorney, office pods have found their way into law firms. Whether these changes are beneficial and address the desire to have a hybrid work arrangement or will enhance the productivity and collegiality in a law firm has yet to be seen.

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