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Business is Good

Whether a new attorney or a seasoned professional, it is essential attorneys build their practice. What follows are some tactics to consider when building a book of business.

Write a business plan. Creating a business plan can be a great first step in getting organized – they assist you in determining how to invest your time, provide clarity regarding marketing efforts, and help assess and prioritize your contacts.

Be familiar with your contacts. Whether or not your firm has marketing support, you should have a plan regarding communication with your contacts. The plan should be customized to reach out more frequently to those who are most likely to have a need for future legal services, and it is always a good idea to personalize communications on special occasions to help solidify your relationships.

Develop a deeper network. Clients will utilize the services of an attorney they know, like, and trust, so it is critical to cultivate these relationships. Being involved in networking functions and more social gatherings outside of work is beneficial. Furthermore, quality individuals know other good people, so once you’ve established a rapport, it is prudent to ask for introductions and referrals.

Brand yourself in your industry. Whatever industry you serve, you should become a source of legal information. Attend conferences for your industry to meet potential clients with immediate legal needs. You may consider producing blogs and articles, as well as publishing in industry specific forums.

Manage your online profiles. Company websites, LinkedIn, and Avvo all provide a platform for you to humanize yourself with a photo and highlight your practice. For the best results, keep your pictures and information current. 

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