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Arizona's Thriving Legal Community

Insights from Legal Industry Expert, Heidi Bayer


Heidi Bayer, Principal of HGB Professional Recruiting Solutions, was recognized among leaders selected for AZ Business magazine's "Who's Who in '22." She was asked to comment on Arizona's legal community.

CURRENT MARKET: Many firms are reporting record profits and the need to retain and attract strong talent is at a pinnacle. The pandemic forced the legal profession to become more agile, learning how to facilitate working remotely. Despite most firms bustling with people, again, many are downsizing their physical footprint and implementing office sharing.

LEGAL NEEDS: For several years, there has been a notable void in Arizona’s legal market. I am speaking of the need for transactional attorneys – corporate, real estate, and now, estate planning attorneys. With the legal industry booming, this need has only intensified; however, litigators are also feeling the boom, so in the foreseeable future, the need is everywhere.

INDUSTRY OUTLOOK: The pandemic didn’t take Arizona down, so I anticipate the intense pace of the legal market continuing into 2022. Bigger picture, however, the legal community is shifting and in the coming years, numerous firms will either dismantle, be absorbed, or merge. Also, as Arizona continues to grow at a rapid pace, investors and businesses will look to our state as a launching pad and more companies, and subsequently, in-house opportunities, will likely appear.

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Recognition in the News:

Who's Who in '22

"Honored to be among Arizona leaders selected for AZ Business magazine's list of Who's Who in '22."

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