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Choosing the Right Recruiter

There are myriad advantages to using a recruiter, but the caveat is the recruiter must be good. As with many professions, recruiters work in various ways to accomplish the same outcome, but what differentiates them is their approach – some are more quantitatively driven and others, more qualitatively driven. The bottom line is not all recruiters are created equal.

A quality recruiter respects your privacy, acts with integrity, and operates with an air of transparency. Here are some factors to consider in finding the right recruiter for you.

  • Reputation Matters: Ask for a referral from a trusted colleague or friend and read reviews, such as website testimonials or LinkedIn recommendations.

  • Personalized Service: A quality recruiter will act as an advisor and guide, helping you begin a new chapter in your career. To deduce which firm or company cultures may best meet your needs, they will expend energy and time to understand your goals.  

  • Specialization: As a legal professional, you should also seek a recruiter who works exclusively in your market. 

  • Experience: A strong recruiter will, capably, provide valuable knowledge and guidance regarding the legal sector, firms/companies, and the process of transitioning into a new opportunity.

  • Be Selective: Trust your gut. Ask yourself if you like the recruiter’s personality and presence. A good chemistry is important in facilitating open, honest dialog between both parties.

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